Shaanxi Gourmet 陕西名吃

WE, 陕西名吃, SERVE authentic Chinese cuisine from north china

营业时间11:30 AM to 9:00 PM, 周一至周日。

Open from 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM, MON to SUN.

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The Terracotta Warriors in front of the restaurant were shipped from China.

The Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang (the first Emperor of China) and Terracotta Warriors were included in the “World Heritage List” in December of 1987. The Mausoleum is located in Lintong, 35 kilometers east of Xi’an, Shaanxi. It was built from 246 B.C. To 208 B.C. by the first Emperor of China - Qin Shi Huang. It was also the first emperor mausoleum in Chinese history. Its huge scale and rich sacrificial objects make it the largest imperial mausoleum. According to historical records, Qin Shi Huang recruited 700000 craftsmen to build the mausoleum and the construction lasted for 38 years. The mausoleum is divided into two parts: the cemetry area and the funerary area. The cemetry covers an area of nearly 8 square kilometers and it consists of an interior city and an exterior city. The exterior of the mausoleum is a low earth pyramid with a wide base. The original hight of the sealing earth has been weathered down from 115 meters to 76 meters. The tomb is 350 meters long from south to north and 345 meters wide east to west, covering an area of 120750 square meters with a great amount of ground architectural monuments and sacrificial objects remained. The coffin of Qin Shi Huang is placed in the center of the Underground Palace of the tomb. The tomb is surrended by around 400 burial pits and satellite tombs with a wide range of 56.25 square kilometers. The burial pits mainly consist of pits for bronze chariots, horses, rare birds and animals, stables and terracotta warriors. 


What do you know about Shaanxi Gourmet?

Shaanxi contemporary cuisine can be divided into three categories: the flavor category, the Islamic category and the noodles & snacks category. People comment that the flavor category demonstrates the unconstrained feature of the Loess Plateau of the Great Northwest, the rustic nature of the people of the Northwest and the Chinese culture as well. Shaanxi is geographically divided into three parts: the southern part, the middle part and the northern part. Thus Shaanxi cuisine is differently interpreted from place to place. Camel Hoof Soup, Sixi Meat Balls, Braised Bear's Paw with Soy Sauce, Beef Tongue with Tomato Sauce, Braised Gluten are the most outstanding dishes in Shaanxi Cuisine. Islamic food is also one of the highlights of the catering industry of Xi’an. Dishes like Pan-fried Neat’s Foot, Quick-fried Mutton Slices with Scallions, Braised Haggis, Oxtail Soup make the Islamic food more colorful. In the middle part of Shaanxi, we have an old saying which is “If you want to check whether your wife is skillful in using her hands, you can let her roll flour and steam Chinese bread”, from which we can tell that the middle part of Shaanxi is famous for noodles and snacks. The noodles & snacks category occupies an important position in Shaanxi catering industry. Tourists can taste Lamb Stew of Bread, Qishan Minced Noodles, Chinese Hamburger and so on in Shaanxi, which are comparable to the snacks of Guangzhou. In fact, Shaanxi gourmet should also include famous wines and tea. Huang Gui Chou Jiu, Xi Feng, Hei Mi Gong Jiu, Wu Zi Xian Hao, Zi Yang Mao Jian are also the essence of Shaanxi cuisine. 


Shaanxi Gourmet will be the first authentic Shaanxi Restaurant in Los Angeles.

The founders of Shaanxi Gourmet has always been dreaming to open an authentic Shaanxi restaurant to let more people get to know and love the gourmet and culture of Shaanxi. Today, the dream is about to come true. With deep affection for our hometown, we will keep struggling for our dream no matter what difficulties we will confront because we never give up. This is the unyielding nature of Shaanxi people and this is the indomitable spirit of Chinese. 


Shaanxi Gourmet will have its grand opening on 29th of September of 2011.

Shaanxi Gourmet will have its grand opening on 29th of September of 2011 at 8518 VALLEY BLVD #B102 ROSEMEAD, CA 91770. It will be the first authentic Shaanxi Restaurant in Los Angeles. We welcome Shaanxi fellows, Chinese and foreign friends to come to taste the delicacies of Xi’an. On the day of opening of the restaurant, we’ll have bargain sales. We hope that our customers could join us in the celebration of the happy event. We enjoy the delicious food together because we are family. We expect that Shaanxi Gourmet could be a cozy place for those who are abroad to appreciate the taste of home. We hope that we can have your continuous support to help us go further on our way of development. A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near. The love for the hometown is much more precious than gold.